The Occupation Permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit that allows a foreigner to reside and work in Mauritius.

An OP/ RP is granted for a maximum period of three years, renewable thereafter subject to adhering to established criteria.

The following categories of non-citizen can apply:

  • Professional
  • Investor
  • Self- Employed
  • Retired Non-citizen (Residence Permit -RP)

A non-citizen should apply for an OP/RP under a category which best reflects his nature of activities in the country.

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Investor is defined as a shareholder and director in a company incorporated in Mauritius under the Companies Act. An Investor should make an initial transfer of USD 100,000 or its equivalent in any convertible foreign currency in the account of the company.

Professional, is an expatriate employed by a company incorporated in Mauritius to deliver professional services. A Professional should earn a basic monthly salary exceeding MUR 60,000. However, the basic monthly salary for Professionals in the ICT Sector should exceed MUR 30,000.

Self-employed is defined as a non-citizen engaged in a professional activity registered with the Registrar of Businesses under the Business Registration Act. A Self-employed should make an initial transfer of USD 35,000 or its equivalent in any convertible foreign currency.

Retired Non-Citizen is defined as a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius and aged 50 years or above. A Retired Non-Citizen must undertake to transfer to his/her local bank account in Mauritius an initial transfer of at least USD 2,500. Thereafter, the Retired Non-Citizen should transfer at least USD 2,500 monthly or a sum by instalments amounting to at least USD 30,000 annually.